iTelescope - T33 - Narrow Deep Field - Imaging - Australia
12.5" RCOS

Mono Camera Apogee Alta U16; LRGB, HSO

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Location Information

Observatory: iTelescope.Net at Siding Spring Observatory Australia - MPC Q62

Telescope:  0.3-m f/9 reflector + CCD

Timezone:  UTC +10:00 New South Wales, Australia Daylight savings time is observed.

Minimum Target Elevation: Approx 20° EAST; NORTH, 45° WEST, 30° SOUTH

South 31° 16' 24" East 149° 03' 52"  

Elevation: 1122m  MPC Code Q62

Operational Notes

T33 features a large CCD chip with a long focal length.  FITS and TIF file formats. Dark Frame calibration data is available for  60, 120, 180, 300, 600 second exposures. Binx1 - Binx2. Raw data can be found at

  • The CCD is an Anti Blooming Gated - ABG, KAF-16803
  • 300s sub exposures are optimal at Binx1 for LRGB data & Narrowband at 300 Binx2, or 600 Binx1 on calm nights.

Instrument Package

CCD: Apogee Alta U16

QE: 69% Peak

Pixel Size:  9um Square

Resolution:  0.66 arcsec/pixel

Sensor:  NABG

Cooling: -15º C default 

Array:   4096 x 4096 pixels

FOV:  37 x 37 arcmin    


Astrodon Series II: Luminance, Red, Green, Blue

Astrodon Ha (5nm), SII, OIII (3nm)

Position Angle: 359º

Telescope Optics

OTA: 12.5" - 320mm  RCOS by Star Instruments

Optical Design: Ritchey-Chrétien - Closed Carbon Tube 

Aperture: 320mm

Focal Length: 2885mm

F/Ratio: f/9 

Guiding: External Guiding

Mount: Paramount ME

Telescope Horizon Limits

South: 15°

North: 50°

East: 15°

West: 30°