One of the main requests we have had is the ability to pay for iTelescope in member's local currency, which is something that just wasn't possible with our old billing system. So, like much of our software, we felt it was time for an upgrade.

The new billing software makes many improvements, the largest of which is to give us the ability to accept different currencies for our services. Currently we will only support USD on the new system, but we will add more currencies as soon as we can.

We decided upon USD for this launch because the majority of our members use USD as their primary currency, and it is widely accepted and utilized across the world.  So, beginning with this update, USD will now be the standard denomination for all iTelescope transactions once you transition to the new system.   

This means that the conversion will change you from AUD to USD for all charges.  So, if you are currently on Plan-90 paying $89.95 AUD per month for 90 points, you will now be paying for $89.95 USD per month for 90 points after you have converted.  This will effectively raise your cost - but the conversion is entirely optional!

Members will have the option to convert to this new system today, and once converted, they will be eligible for many of the new features that come along with this change and increased cost, such as:

  • Paypal available as payment choice
  • New Promotional Structure, allowing for cost discounts, bonus points over periods of time, and % based discounts
  • Consistent cost for all USD members
  • Ability for USD members to avoid foreign currency conversion fees (international banking fees may still apply)
  • Veteran Reward System - The longer you stay subscribed, the more rewards you earn
  • Ability to purchase points and subscriptions in Pounds or Euros, and possibly other currencies if there is demand.

We are also currently developing additional features to be released in the near future.  Some of the currently planned features are:

  • Purchasable Data Sets with Tutorials that take you step by step processing the same data set (Currently in Development)
  • 3, 6, and 12 month up front subscriptions offering further discounts beyond the standard monthly subscription
  • Gift Card Memberships
  • ...and much more!

The funds raised by this update will also directly lead to the expansion of our Australian and US Observatories (currently in the first stages of development), bringing new telescopes to the network.  This is something we will not be able to do without the funds raised by this conversion.

If you would like to convert now, just follow the instruction on this page.

For currently subscribed members that do not wish to convert to the new system right away, we will honor your past support of iTelescope and give you the option to stay on the AUD payment system and plans indefinitely - so long as you stay subscribed to a plan.  You will be able to change between the different AUD plans as long as you keep your subscription active, but canceling your AUD subscription at any time will mean that you have to transition to the new system when you sign back up.