Before you are eligible for this promotion, you must first complete the Conversion to the New Billing System by following this FAQ.

Once you have converted to the new billing system log in to the Launchpad.  You will find yourself on a screen similar to the one below.  Select "Update payment details" as is circled in red.

This will bring you to this page:

Enter NEBULA in the promo code box and click "Apply".  The system will confirm the promotion and you will see the following message:

That's all there is too it!  You will receive Triple Your Points on your next automatic renewals so long as you stay subscribed - no need to make any other adjustments!

If you do not see the Green confirmation window appear then there are two additional possibilities:

1)  You will see a yellow box - this will usually mean you already have the promotion applied to your account, and the message inside the box will state this.  If it states anything else, please contact and let us know what message you are seeing in the box.

2)  You will see a red box - this will mean there was an error in processing the promotion.  Please check what is entered in the promotion box, verify it matches the promotion and try to re-apply the code.  If this does not work, please contact and let us know what error you are seeing in the box.