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Group Account

We're very excited to offer you membership via our Group Accounts Program.  These special accounts are designed to allow a project leader or teacher work and support those under their guidance.  To assist you in getting started with the group account, we have created a couple of FAQs that should make your first few days with iTelescope as easy as possible.

Please take a look at the following FAQs:

Managing Your Group Account

Creating Sub Accounts and Point Allocation

Group Refunds and Credits


Login to the Launchpad for the first time

The Launchpad is your portal to the entire network of telescopes, please login to this page using your username and password. It contains all of the information you need to know from observatory availability to the latest weather and sky conditions.  You can access the launchpad via https://go.itelescope.net, we suggest you bookmark this link.

We have a short video tutorial on how to use the launchpad.

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How to find Astronomical Targets to image

If you want some suggestions on what to start imaging, use the Planner to find astronomical objects easily.

Masterclass and Tutorials

These Tutorials provide a basic introduction. If you are new to image processing and are looking for software, then APP is a good way to start.  Very popular are private tutorials that get you going right away - we cover all you need to know! If you are adventurous, then you can experience a unique astro-trip

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You can join us on our Community Page and see the latest News and Updates from iTelescope.Net. The
Community Page will let you chat with other members and show off your latest image or just ask for a helping hand.

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New and Starting out?

Here are some useful links:

Remote Basics
Video Tutorials
Software and Tips


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