To purchase points, you must first be a full member.  This means you must be an active monthly subscriber to Start-Trial, Plan 40, Plan 90, Plan 160, Plan 290, Plan 490, Plan 1000, or Education Account, or you must have been on one of those plans at some point for at least one month.

1)  If you are on a plan, or have been on a plan in the past, you can purchase points by first logging in to the Launchpad.  Once there, find the link pictured below and click on it.

2)  Once there, you will find yourself on this page:

3)  Select the number of points you wish to purchase form the list and click "Purchase".  If you do not have a payment method on file for us, you will see this screen:

4)  If you select Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), you will see this screen - enter your details and click "Submit":

5)  If you select Paypal, you will see this screen, clicking Continue will redirect you to Paypal's website, where you can log in with your Paypal account information to complete the transaction.

6)  If you already have a Payment Method on file with us, you will see this screen - click the check box and "Purchase to complete transaction:

7)  Regardless of which method you choose, the system will process your transaction and give your a screen similar to this one upon completion:

Thank you for your points purchase!