Our Subscription Plans include a specific number of complimentary iTelescope points which are added to your account each 28 day billing cycle;

e.g. Plan-40 receives a complimentary 40 iTelescope points, Plan-160 receives a complimentary 160 iTelescope points etc.

These points go towards your imaging costs and extra points can always be purchased via the Launchpad;

Any unused iTelescope points in your account roll over each billing cycle (28 days) and can accumulate if they are not used.

Whilst you have an active Subscription, your iTelescope points will never expire, however, if you do cancel your Subscription, iTelescope points are valid for up to one year after your Subscription expiration date.
This means that so long as you sign back up to a subscription within a year, your points essentially never expire.
(however an active subscription is require to access the telescope network and use any accumulated iTelescope points. An active subscription is also required to access to our FTP server).

You can cancel your periodic subscription at any time from the Launchpad

Please note that iTelescope is a subscription based service and that unused iTelescope points cannot be exchanged for money.