When you log in to https://go.itelescope.net it is a secure connection.

Then when you click on an 'available' telescope it responds with a 401 Access Denied - Invalid login or account disabled error message.

Microsoft a few days ago released a number of upgrades to Windows 10, which included an update to the Edge Browser. This update has caused Edge to stop working with iTelescope login due to a bug in the Edge browser. 

Let's use T3 as an example.

The launchpad includes links to the telescope, these links are http:// t3.itelescope.net which used regular HTTP protocol. For reasons currently unknown, the Edge browser replaced the HTTP (regular) with an HTTPS (secure) automatically despite the link explicitly containing HTTP.

When you right-click on the telescope link and 'copy' the link and then paste it into 'Notepad' you will see it clearly links using the HTTP protocol. If you copied T3 it would read http:// t3.itelescope.net

Now if you directly click on the telescope link it will respond with a 401 Access Denied - Invalid login or account disabled. If you directly 'edit' the URL bar in Edge browser it will have 't3.itelescope.net/' in the case of T3. If you edit the link and add 'http://' to the start of the URL. It should now read http://t3.itelescope.net/ and now hit the 'enter key' it will prompt you for your username and password, you will then be able to login to the telescope.

We make the following recommendations/options:

1. When you click on a telescope link and using Edge Browser, edit the URL and add 'http://' this will fix the bug. Change 't3.itelescope.net/' to 'http://t3.itelescope.net/' without the quotation marks.

2. On the right-hand side top edge of the Edge Browser, you will see three dots '...' which is 'Settings and more'. You can also hit Alt-X to access the settings menu. You will see an option to 'Open with Internet Explorer'. This will cause Edge Browser to use Internet Explorer for the requested link you clicked. You will then be able to login to the telescope correctly.

3. Install and use a new web browser. Chrome or Firefox works well with iTelescope.