Use the planning tool and select targets between +35 to +90 DEC in the northern skies or -35 to -90 DEC in the southern skies. We call this the no Moon range. 

NGC 7023 is DEC 68 - Good

M101 is DEC 54 - Good 

IC5070 is DEC 44 - Good 

MGC6833 is DEC -14, which is not moon friendly.

-90 to -35 SAFE MOON ZONE

-35 to -10 NO SO GOOD

-10 to +10 MOON ZONE

+10 to +35 NO SO GOOD

+35 to +90 SAFE MOON ZONE

Typically, positive DEC numbers are more visible in the northern skies and negative values in the southern skies, with DEC numbers from +35 to -35 being viewed in both north and south.

The Moon is often between -10 to +10 DEC, which will wash out your images. The closer to the moon the more washed out it will be, so going for a higher or lowest DEC number will reduce the moon interference. 

It is also good to try narrowband imaging using filters Ha, SII and OIII, commonly known to produce those false colour Hubble images.

When you select a target using our planning tools, pay attention to the DEC and make sure it is in this no-moon range. This will significantly help your image quality.