Sometimes catalogues can be tricky as the object in question can be much larger than the target you have in mind. You can also get catalogue errors, as the target may have many interesting smaller objects, etc.

Here is a good example below of the Sh2 region.

In this region, you will find a nice little planetary nebula which sometimes can be known as Sh2-106.

The best way to ensure the telescope points to the object you want is not to use a name but to use the RA and DEC of the intended target.

Let's use for this example.

Zoom and move the crosshairs onto the target.

Click on Mosaic Settings to get the RA and DEC.

In this case, you want to use RA 20:27:27 and DEC 37:22:58

Once you have this information you can go to the telescope in question and enter the information:
Do not look up the coordinates, this will override the values you just entered.

We know this is a bit clunky and could use improvement, but this will work.

Clear Skies!