T2: colour camera bayer matrix corrected

T11: requires new calibration frames

T18: new QHY600M plus LRGB HSO V and I filters being installed

T21; requires new calibration frames

T31; mount requires servicing.

T32: mount requires servicing

T33; recommissioned as free telescope. Focuser requiring repairs

T40: La Plama Observatory installation ongoing

T59: 20" Planewave CDK, A200 mount, 16803 camera, in service

T68: free system. Colour camera bayer matrix corrected

T69: colour camera bayer matrix corrected 

T70 intermittent camera issues. Mount/OTA alignment requires adjustment after pier collision. Under investigation.

T71; being installed. Epsilon 180ED, Paramount MyT, ZWO ASI2600MM, LRGB and HSO filters

T72: 20" Planewave CDK, L500 mount, FLI16200 camera installation at Deep Sky Chile underway.