T7; replacement camera in transit to Spain and is currently clearing Spanish customs. Delay due to incomplete paperwork.

T8 camera has been received at FLI for repairs but will require a new housing; 8 week lead time. In the meantime we will be using a spare camera and we are machining a new adaptor to fit. Pointing models and V-curve being done now.

T20 has developed an ASCOM communication error that is eluding our debugging ...

T24 is back in service but LRGB Ha imaging only. Efforts to source a new CL 1-10 filter wheel have come up empty handed. No suppliers were able to help. The current system is operating with only one filter wheel (of a dual filter wheel system). We are continuing to chase FLI for a replacement ...

T32 New Master Darks and Master Biases and also the raw darks and bias are avaible on the FTP server. New flats being gathered shortly.

T33 has been removed from SSO and is no longer available on the network.

T68 had a server motherboard failure. This has been swapped out with a spare.