T5:  Determining 'R' filter and 'I' filter characteristics. The "R" filter used on T5 is mislabeled and is in fact an
I filter. Configuration and calibration to follow.

T7: Repaired camera fitted back onto T7. Guider camera has died. 300+sec exposures not possible without guiding. Guide camera in Spanish customs.

T8; back in service. Guiding issues resolved.

T9: The Microline 16803 camera has been refitted. New mount model and tracking at 900sec

T16: Filter wheel upgraded with L, (Bessell)RVBI Clear and Ha, SII, OIII. Reconfiguring and calibrations to come.

T17; Tracking resolved. Temporary colour camera. Original camera sent to FLI for repair.

T24: Camera cooling not functioning sufficiently well resulting in poor calibrations. Camera sent to FLI for repair.

T32: autofocus issues resolved.

T33 has been removed from SSO and is no longer available on the network.

T70: some optical realignment is necessary. Meridian flips are causing image shifts.

T71; being installed. Epsilon 180ED, Paramount MyT, ZWO ASI2600MM, LRGB and HSO filters