(cloud sensor graph)

The turbulence (red line) is a relative (not absolute) measurement of the power (in dB) of the RMS of the signal oscillation corresponding to the FIR (far  infrared 2-14 um) reflection of the atmosphere. It Is an experimental value that indicates the variation of the warm cold bubbles of the air and without calibration and indicates a calm (good seeing) or turbulent air streams (bad seeing). During the day, it increases due to the sun heating the air and creating convention. During clear nights, indicates better seeing as closer to zero value.

What are the red and blue lines below?

(wind chart)

the red line is an average wind calculation, while the blue line indicates instantaneous wind speed (gust).

The last chart is not Seeing, but the photometric darkness of the background sky. It measures the equivalent magnitude of an square arc second brightness. Mag 22 to 23 is really dark and can only be achieved without milky way on the sky, and of course no Moon or glow of light pollution