iTelescope - T18 - Medium Deep Space - Spain

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Location Information

Observatory:  AstroCamp at Nerpio, Spain - MPC Code - I89, North: 38° 09’ - West: 002° 19’   Elevation: 1650m 

Telescope:  0.32-m f/8.0 reflector + 0.66 reducer + CMOS

Timezone:  UTC +1:00 Madrid Daylight Savings Time is Observed

Minimum Target Elevation: Approx 30-40 Degrees

Operational Notes

Medium Deep Field. Hybrid Imaging/Science Missions. FITS and TIF file formats. Dark Frame calibration data is available for  60, 120, 180, 300, 600, 900  second exposures. Bin 1 and Bin 2  Raw data can be found at

  • Recommended Maximum Exposure 600 seconds.
  • T18 is an excellent Imager but also has a research grade photometric V and Ic filter added.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES: T18 is Externally Guided: Please limit sub-exposure times to 300 seconds or less for best results.

Instrument Package

CCD: QHY600M-PH-US Mono CMOS Sensor

QE: >87% Peak

Full Well:  >38,000e

Dark Current:   0.0046e- / pixel / sec at -5°C

A/D Gain:  0.55 e-/ADU

Readout Noise: 2.7e

CMOS Configuration

Gain: 26

Offset: 30

Readout Mode: 0

Pixel Size:  3.76um Square

Resolution:  0.461 arc-sec/pixel (Bin1), 0.921 arc-secs/pixel (Bin2)

Sensor:  SONY Full Frame BSI CMOS Sensor IMX455

Cooling:  Set to -10C default 

Array:   4788 x 3194 (15.9 Megapixels, Bin2) 

FOV:    73.6 x 49.1 arc-mins


Astrodon Series E LRGB. Astrodon 5nm Ha, SII, OIII. Photometric V (Custom Scientific Bessell) and Ic (Astrodon John/Cousins)

Position Angle: 150 degrees E of N

PLEASE NOTE: Bin1 imaging of T18 has been disabled due to the very large file size causing system instability
only Bin2 imaging is available

Telescope Optics

OTA: Planewave 12" CDK

Optical Design: Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph

Aperture: 318mm (12.5")

Focal Length: 1683 mm 

F/Ratio: f/5.3

Guiding: External via Lodestar SX and 300mm guidescope

Mount: Paramount PME