iTelescope.Net - Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy

(These conditions form only part of our general terms of use which can be found here;)

  1. All members are allowed one reservation each evening for a maximum of 4 hours per telescope.

  2. All members are allowed one reservation each evening for a minimum of 15 minutes per telescope.

  3. All subscription plans now have a maximum number of hours they may reserve at a time across all telescopes following the table below.

  4. Please be respectful and considerate to other members - do not cancel excessively - this is an abuse of our reservation  policy

  5. Failure to follow these Policies after initial warnings will result in Reservation Suspension and eventually forfeit of all points and Account Closure if a member continues to abuse the Reservation System.

  6.  For special and popular events only - Comet Neowise  (July-Sept 2020) has stimulated an amendment to our reservation policy for special events that are rare and of interest to a large audience: Let us be fair to all members for these popular events - many want to have an opportunity to image comets or special time-critical events. In this case - Only one reservation / member / telescope in a 7-day period is allowed.  To be clear, this does NOT apply to the reservation policy in general. iTelescope reserves the right to cancel reservations if this is abused. 

  7. Help us maintain fair usage policy and let us know if there is an issue

The reservation quotas depend on the plan and can be found here