On a normal account, you can request a refund by following the link on a Usage Receipt.  However, Group Accounts, with all of their points actually on the Master Account, and only allocated to the Sub-Accounts that access the systems, work a bit differently.

Instead of the refunds being returned to the Sub Account, or the charges removed from the allocated points on the Sub Account, all refunds are processed by returning the points directly to the Group Master Account.  This means that if a Sub Account requests a refund, the Master Account will need to allocate those points again after the refund has been processed.

To Request a Refund from a Sub Account, you must first locate you Transaction ID number which can be found in both Account History from the Launchpad or on the Usage Receipt from the transaction.

On the Usage Receipt it is located at the top of the Usage Receipt:

Once you have your Transaction ID, you need to click the link below:


This will bring you to this screen:

Enter the Transaction ID in the box and click "Lookup"

This will bring you to the following Screen:

Simply fill out the form and click Submit and a request will be sent to our Administrators to process.