Group Accounts are very different from Standard iTelescope Accounts in that instead of one account under one email, group accounts are a series of separate accounts under one Master Account.

This Master Account will usually be managed by the Project Leader or Teacher that will be in charge of all accounts under their guidance.

This FAQ will give a few tips when getting started.

First, the Master Account does not have access to the telescopes like a regular account, instead it accesses a special User Interface where the Project Leader or Teacher can manage all aspects of the account including:

  • Purchasing Additional Points for the Group Account
  • Creating Sub Accounts with Access to the Telescopes
  • Allocating Points to Sub Accounts for use on the Telescopes
  • Viewing the History of the Account and it's Sub Accounts.

To begin, first head to and enter the Username and Password for your Master Account.  This will be the account where the Username ends in ".ga", as in "".

Once logged in you will find yourself on something similar to this image:

As you can see at the top you see the account name and current points.

You can click the Purchase Plans and Points button to purchase additional points for the Group Account.  This process is the same as the process in this FAQ, just be sure to select the "Purchase Points" radio button.

You can also create and Manage Sub Accounts which is covered in this FAQ.

If you run into a problem with a session on a Sub Account and need to request a refund, please check this FAQ.