We covered how to get to log in and manage your group account in our previous FAQ here.

Once you are logged in and on the following screen:


You can Create Sub Accounts and then allocate those accounts some of the points from your Master Account.  Any images taken on the Sub Account will also produce a Usage Receipt (barring system problems) that is copied over to the Master Account Emails.  When creating Sub Accounts, you want to be sure that they use a different email from the master account, so the group member or student can receive their Usage Receipts.

The Sub Accounts grant access to all telescopes and they are allowed to use up to the maximum number of points you allocate to them.  Sub Accounts have unique Usernames and Passwords, so it's an excellent way to ensure that each member of the group has their own identity.

To create a Sub Account, first click the "Add Sub Account" button you see on the image above.

This will bring you to this screen:

The Master Account holder will need to fill out each of these sections, setting a Username, Password, Email, and First and Last Name of the Sub-Account holder.  The Master Account must then allocate their starting points, check the "I agree to the terms of use and policies" box, and click Add Sub Account.

Once created the sub accounts will appear under the Sub Accounts section you see on the first image image of this FAQ.

To make changes to the Sub Account, including allocating additional points, press the "Select" link next to the Sub Account you wish to make changes on.

This will bring you to a screen like this (Account information blacked out for security purposes):

From here, if you click Edit, you will be able to change email, First Name, Last Name, Password and Point Allocation for the selected account.  You can also remove the account by checking the "Remove Account" box.  Remember to click Save when done making changes or they will not take affect.

Keep in mind that making changes to the Allocated Points will not add new points based on what you enter.  You must enter the TOTAL number of points you wish an account to have access to.  

As an example, if subaccount1 has 100 points allocated and you wish to add an additional 50 points, when you click Edit and change the Allocated Points, you must change it to 150 before clicking save, not 50.  This is particularly important when allocating additional points following a refund for a poor run.

For more information about requesting a refund, please check this FAQ.