You can upload your own .txt file plans to a telescope for later use on that system.

To do so, first select the telescope you would like to use.  Please keep in mind that plans are tied to the telescope they are uploaded too, and will only appear on the system you upload it to.

Once you know what telescope you would like to upload your observing plan too, log in to the telescope via the Launchpad.  You can do this by clicking on "Available" or using the "Reservation" or "Launch-a-Plan" drop down menus.

Once you are logged in, find "My Observing Plans" on the left hand side of the screen, it will look like the image below:

Once selected you should see the following page:

To upload a file, first click "Choose File" which will allow you to choose a file from your computer to upload.

Once you have selected a file, it's name will appear next to "Choose File" in white text.

At this point simply click "Upload File" and the system will accept your new file for latter use.

You can also view and delete individual files here by clicking the appropriate button next to each files name.

If you would like more information on writing your own script files, please see our FAQ here:

How do I write my own scripts or plans to control the telescopes?