In most cases you get both a pre-calibrated FITs file and a raw FITS file in your FTP folder for each image.

We also provide FREE master calibration files for most common exposure times (60,120,180,300,600 secs - some also 1200 and 1800s, BIN1 & 2) including dark, bias and flats in Zipped formats on the iTelescope FTP server in a folder for each telescope.

Of course you can always take your own darks and bias if you so wish and these are free when the observatory roof is closed at night. Flat Field calibrations are more difficult to acquire so this function is not available to the user.

To take Darks or Bias while the observatory is close at night (will not work during daylight hours) log in to the telescope of your choice, and locate the Cal. (dark/bias) option on the left hand side of the screen (pictured below).

Enter Count, Duration and Binning and be sure to check the "Use" box.  If you wish to take different durations, click "More" to add new rows (be sure to check "Use")

For Bias enter 0 Duration - the system will automatically read this as bias.

Contact us if you have custom needs.