VPHOT is an online photometry application for AAVSO members and is seamlessly integrated with the iTelescope systems. If you choose to send your images to the VPHOT server they will automatically be calibrated and plate solved and ready for photometric analysis in VPHOT online. Note that it might take 10-30 minutes before the images appear in VPHOT, depending on network traffic, server load etc.

VPHOT can be enabled in the iTelescope Advanced Imaging Option. See the images below.

To use VPHOT you have to be an AAVSO member. 

You need to send your iTelescope username (not your password) via private email to George Silvis (gasilvis@gmail.com) and Ken Menzies (kenmenstar@gmail.com) requesting you connect your iTelescope account to VPhot.

Each page in VPHOT has a help link that explains the details of that particular page. You can also view the excellent video tutorials below.

Note that some features have changed and new ones added since these videos were made, but the main features are the same.

These video tutorials have been produced by Ken Mogul.