Software Suggestions

The remote telescopes are connected to and controlled via your normal Internet browser, so you do not need any additional software to take images.  However, you do need software to process images.

The iTelescopes deliver all image files in 32bit FIT format. Fits or (Flexible Image Transport System) is a standard image format used in astronomy. While it can store bitmaps of astronomical images, it can also store astronomical/scientific data. 

Once you have finished a session your data is automatically transferred to your FTP folder on our servers.

  • You will need to retrieve your image files from iTelescope.Net -
  • You need to be able to open and manipulate the FITS data in 32 or 16 bit format.You can try the FREE FITs Liberator.
  • The most promising new software is APP (AstroPixelProcessor) and it is also well priced and works on all platforms. iTelescope provides tutorials to get you quickly up to speed. You can find a tutorial here. See
  • Also very useful for planning 
  • If you want to work with your raw 32bit images then you will need an image reduction and enhancement package such as MaximDL. MaximDL is the 'Standard' and very useful with various plugins produced in order to get the most from your data.
  • If you wish to "Stack" your image in order to maximise your results you will need a program to do that accurately and quickly. We recommend RegiStar or CCDStack2.  CCDStack2 is a great value program that can easily stack, combine and then esenhance your astro images, it even offers a free trial package.
  • You may need RGB/photographic image processing software to refine your final colour TIF, BMP or JPEG images (e.g Photoshop)
  • A planetarium software package. This will allow you to 'see' the skies above the telescopes and plan your sessions efficiently. Eg maximum elevation and clearance from the moon of your targets etc. We recommend Stellarium (free), Starry Night, or TheSkyX.
  • Another useful tool would let you preview the field of view and see details on the CCD / Telescope combinations. We recommend CCDCalc - A Free Visual Calculator.

This link will take you to a list of Astronomy Related Software. Some free, others are commercial. Many have free demos or extensive trial offers.

For Additional Software Advise go HERE