Please note that the web interface is simple and the method described below works - the more elegant and easier way to do this is with Filezilla, see 

1) Begin by logging into the FTP at

2)  Navigate to the images you wish to download by double clicking the folder appropriate to your imaging run.  So if you imaged NGC 3372 on T13, you want to locate the "t13" folder and double click it, then locate "ngc3372" folder, then locate the folder with the date of your run.  This will bring you to a list of files to download like this:

3)  From here, you want to click the box to the left of each file you wish to download like this:

4)  Once you have the files checked, click the "Zip Files" Button as pictured below:

5)  Clicking Zip Files will bring up a dialogue box where you can enter the name of the new zip file.

6)  Once you have entered a name (test in this case), select OK, and the screen will say it is processing.  This can take a few moments depending on how many files you have selected and how large they are.

7)  Once processing is complete, the system will return to the folder with the image files, but will now contain an additional zip file with the name you entered.  Double clicking this file will download the file for you to extract.

8)  Once downloaded, extract the file to your chosen location using a program like winrar or winzip (if you have Windows 8.1 or above, there is an auto-extract included).