All currently subscribed accounts have access to our Reservation System (Demo users and paused accounts cannot make reservations).

Please note: T33 and T68 as 'free' telescopes, do not support reservations (the only way to image on T33 and T68 is to use the 'Acquire Images Now' button).

To reserve time on any of our other paid systems, begin by logging in to the Launchpad and selected the telescope you wish to use.

On the left side of the page will be an option to 'Make a Reservation'. Select this.
Find the date and time you wish to make a reservation for, left mouse click, and hold, on the start time and drag down to highlight the time period that you wish your reservation to include; release the left mouse button.

A window will open that shows the details of your reservation. You can modify the start and end times, and choose the observing plan that you wish to run.

Please note; You cannot confirm the reservation without entering an observing plan (please select 'Run Plan Generator' if you have not already made an observing plan).

Hint: your browser will need to enable pop-ups for these functions to work, otherwise you will need to navigate to the 'Deep Sky Objects' page, make an observing plan 'Create Plan for Later' and then navigate back to 'Make a Reservation' and use the observing plan you just created.

(the option to 'Reschedule' is also included here; when this is selected, your reservation, if it does not run due to roof closed conditions, will be automatically rescheduled to the next available, same time slot. Please be aware that extended bad weather can mean that your reservation may be delayed to a time when either your target is no longer visible or an unsuitable bright moon period.
We suggest periodically reviewing your reservations by logging into the Launchpad and navigating to 'My Reservation Summary')

The video tutorial below will also show you how to create your reservation:


For information on creating an Observing Plan to run in the Reservation System as described in the video, please see our Deep Sky Menu .