You can have the telescope go directly to the RA/DEC in a scripted plan without the need for a specific target.

A simple format is decimal. -18.50  for Dec or RA etc. But full format can also used. 18 30 02 in full.

Or even try to cut and paste your info directly into the Dec and RA boxes.

To do manual target points will use the offline plan generator:

1)  Log in to system of choice from the Deep Sky Drop Down Menu

2)  Enter anything in to Plan Name - this does not affect anything.

3)  Enter anything in to the Target Name - this will not affect anything unless you click "Get Coordinates"

4)  Without clicking "Get Coordinates", enter your target RA/DEC into the RA/DEC section of the form.

5)  Fill out your filter use section to match what you want

6)  Click save plan for later

I have included an example of how this would look to this email.  

To create this as a scripted plan:


#count 6,6

#interval 300,300

#binning 1,1

#filter Ha,OIII



1)  Simply copy this text, paste to notepad (or another software that can save as .txt files)

2)  Save the file on your hard drive.

3)  Log in to the telescope via the Deep Sky Drop Down.

4)  Select "My Observatory Plans" from the links on the left side.

5)  Select Choose File and locate your file on your hard drive

6)  Select Upload File.

Keep in mind, however, that if you choose to enter your own RA/DEC and the system does point to the correct RA/DEC, but the image does not center the target as you wish, we will not process a refund.

We will still of course grant a refund if the pointing is not correct.