For all the systems there is an additional amount of time that you should plan for outside of just Imaging time when making reservations or image series.

These items will depend on the choices of the options you use, so you will want to be sure to customize your run based on the following parameters:

Initial Focus/Slew: 7 minutes

Readout and Calibration:

  • Smaller Chips (Under 9 Megapixels - T3, T5, T21, T18, T9, T13, T17, and T30): 30 seconds per image.
  • Larger Chips (Over 9 Megapixels - T11, T14, T20, T24, T7, T16, T8, T12, T31, T32): 60 seconds per image. 

Dithering:  20 seconds per image

Multi-Target Runs:

  • Multiple Targets using the #chain command:  3 minutes for each additional plan chained.
  • Multiple Targets using a standard script:  1 minute for each additional target.

So, as an example of using these in to plan a run:  If you are taking 10 x 300 Luminance on one target using T14 and Dithering:

Total Imaging Time - 3000 seconds or 50 minutes

Initial Focus/Slew - 7 minutes

Dithering - 200 seconds or 3.33 minutes which we will round to 4.

Readout - 600 seconds or 10 minutes

So your total run time would be:

50 minutes + 7 minutes + 4 minutes + 10 minutes = 71 minutes

From here would would generally want to add about 5 minutes for general error (reservation starting late, the first focus star being a poor choice, etc).  So, for this run, I would suggest planning for 75 minutes when making a reservation or when checking to see if a system will be available long enough for you to run an image series before the next reservation.

TOTAL RUN TIME = 75 minutes

Lastly, there is one more set of options we should discus - The Two Periodic Options.

Periodic Elements:

For Periodic Elements (Periodic Pointing {#puinterval}, Periodic Focus {#afinterval}), you first want to add up all other options so you can determine how long your run will be and therefore, how many times you will have the periodic element occur.

To determine this, you divide Total Run Time by how often you set your periodic element to occur and then subtract 1, so:

(Total Run Time / Periodic Element) - 1 = Total Periodic Events

You then add the following:

Periodic Focus:  3 minutes x number of Total Periodic Focus Events.

Periodic Pointing:  4 minutes x number of Total Periodic Pointing Events.

For example, if, in the run above, you also set the system to Periodically Center the target (Periodic Pointing) every 20 minutes and asked it to also Periodically Focus every 30 minutes you would do the following:

Periodic Pointing:  (75 minutes / 20 minutes) - 1 = Total Periodic Pointing Events or (3) - 1 = 2 Periodic Pointing Events.  This means we want to add 2 x 4 minutes to the Total Run Time, or 8 minutes.

Periodic Focus:  (75 minutes / 30 minutes) - 1 = Total Periodic Focusing Events or (2) - 1 = 1 Periodic Focus Event.  This means we want to add 1 x 4 minutes to the Total Run Time, or 4 minutes.

So, adding these two elements into a run would change the 75 minute Total Run Time to 87 minute Total Run Time, so you would need to adjust your reservation or planned run accordingly.