iTelescope can absolutely be used to image Comets and NEOs, although it is more of an advanced type of imaging.  You can read about how to do this in our Advanced Imaging Section.

Our telescopes are not really setup for planetary use.

But you can still simply input the planet name in the telescope interface and give it a go if your keen to image faint dwarf planets like Pluto and satellites.

Some members have had success in this field, but it is few and far between and requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of CCD imaging to do so.

Our telescopes are generally set up with high speed and very sensitive CCD cameras, mounted at what is known as prime focus or Cassegrain focus. This normally means the cameras are mounted without any supplementary lens or optics in the light path. This allows our cameras to yield high resolution images of faint, fairly large objects using short exposures.

Our systems are much too sensitive to capture a planet such as Jupiter or the Moon and are also configured in the current mode to acquire images of deep space objects.

We do not suggest imaging planets in the local system with our telescopes.