iTelescope - T64 - One Shot Color - Australia

Location Information

Observatory: iTelescope.Net at Bathurst Observatory Australia - MPC Q67

Telescope:  0.31-m f/9 reflector + CCD

Timezone:  UTC +10:00 New South Wales, Australia Daylight savings time is observed.

Minimum Target Elevation: Approx 25º

South 33° 23' 48" East 149° 29' 30" 

Elevation: 650m  MPC Code Q67

Operational Notes

Deep Field. One Shot Color imaging. FITS and TIF file formats. 

Dark Frame calibration data is available for  60, 120, 180, 300, 600  second exposures. Binx1 Only.  

Raw data can be found at

  • Recommended Maximum Exposure 300 seconds. Best results on Binx1.

Instrument Package

CCD:  SBIG ST8300 Color

Pixel Size: 5.4 micron

Resolution:   0.493 arc-secs/pixel

Sensor:  Frontlit 

Cooling:  Set to -20ºC default 

Array:  3352 x 2532

FOV:  27.6x20.8 arcmin

Filters: One shot color

Position Angle: -3.56º East of North


Telescope Optics

OTA: 12.5" RCOS

Optical Design: Ritchey-Chrétien

Aperture: 312mm

Focal Length: 2800mm

F/Ratio: f/9

Guiding: External 

Mount: Paramount PME