iTelescope - T13 - One Shot Color - Australia

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Location Information

Observatory: iTelescope.Net at Siding Spring Observatory Australia - MPC Q62

Timezone:  UTC +10:00 New South Wales, Australia Daylight savings time is observed.

Minimum Target Elevation: Approx 30° Eastern & 35° Western horizons. 

South 31° 16' 24" East 149° 03' 52"  

Elevation: 1122m  MPC Code Q62

Operational Notes

Typically used for imaging of wide field targets. FITS and TIF file formats. No Filters.  Raw data can be found at

  • Recommended Maximum Exposure 300 seconds.
  • Color: Binx1 only.
  • The T13 Telescope is also part of the iTelescope outreach program run in partnership with the Research School for Astronomy & Astrophysics, to also be used by the general public as an educational tool.

Instrument Package


Color CCD

Pixel Size:  7.4um Square

Resolution:  3.02 arc-secs/pixel

Sensor:  Frontlit 

Cooling:  NA

Array:  1600 x 1200 pixels

FOV:    60.5 x 80.7 arc-mins

Filters:  None 

Position Angle: 90º 

Telescope Optics

OTA: Takahashi SKY90

Optical Design: Apochromatic Refractor

Aperture: 3" (90mm)

Focal Length: 504mm

F/Ratio: f/5.6

Guiding: Internal

Mount: Paramount PME