iTelescope - T16 - Wide Field - Spain

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Location Information

Observatory:  AstroCamp at Nerpio, Spain - MPC Code - I89

Telescope:  0.15-m f/7.3 refractor + CCD

Timezone:  UTC +1:00 Madrid Daylight Savings Time is Observed

Minimum Target Elevation: Approx 35-45 Degrees

North: 38° 09’ - West: 002° 19’   

Elevation: 1650m 

Operational Notes

Wide - Medium Deep Field Telescope. Hybrid Science/Imaging Platorm. Typically used for RVB / Narrowband Imaging, but also carries Photometric V and I filters. FITS and TIF file formats. Dark Frame calibration data is available for  60, 120, 180, 300, 600  second exposures. Binx1 - Binx2.  Raw data can be found at

  • Recommended Maximum Exposure 300 seconds.
  • T16 is a wonderful research grade APO refractor. It can deliver razor sharp, very wide images.
  • Please be aware that it is common for some CCD chips to display column defects. Follow this link for more information.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES: T16 is Off-Axis Guided: Please limit sub-exposure times to 300 seconds or less for best results.

Instrument Package

CCD:  Moravian G4 - 16000

QE: 60% Peak

Full Well:  Anti Blooming Gate (ABG)

Pixel Size:  9um Square

Resolution:  1.69 arc-secs/pixel

Sensor:  Frontlit 

Cooling:  Set to -15ºC default 

Array:  4096 by 4096 (16 Mega pixels) 

FOV:    115 x 115 arc-mins

Filters: Luminance, R, V, B, Ha, SII, OIII, I

Position Angle: 089º


Telescope Optics

OTA: Takahashi TOA-150

Optical Design: Apochromatic Refractor 

Apeture: 150mm

Focal Length: 1095mm

F/Ratio: f/7.3

Guiding: Internal 

Mount: Paramount PME


Additional Filter Information

1- L Luminance, Baader (UV/IR cut)
2- R-Johnson, Custom Scientific (see graph)
3- V-Johnson, Custom Scientific (see graph)
4- B-Johnson, Custom Scientific (see graph)
5- Ha-7nm, Baader (see graph)
6- OIII-8.5nm, Baader (see graph)
7- SII-8nm, Baader (see graph)
8- I-Johnson, Custom Scientific (see graph)

Custom Scientific graphs 

Baader narrow band graphs (