ACP now supports the #waitfor and #waituntil directives for iTelescope.

IMPORTANT: See Billing Information at the bottom of this article


#waitfor pauses your session for a given number of seconds before processing the next target.  For Example: #waitfor 30 will pause your session for 30 seconds before the next target or set.


#waituntil is a little more complicated as it allows you to pause a specific #set until a given UTC date/time or only time.  The first parameter is the set number for the pause, the second is the date/time at which to resume. The set number may range from 1 through the number of sets given by the #SETS directive. If there is no #SETS directive on the plan, the set number must be 1. If a complete date/time is given, and has passed, the directive is ignored. If only a time is given, it will always wait until the given time even if the time (on the current date) was just passed. See the note below. For example:

#WAITUNTIL 1, 21-Apr-2006 08:02:00

#WAITUNTIL 2, 08:32:00

The above would wait till the given date/times in sets 1 and 2. This could be used to force a minimum interval between sets when acquiring images for asteroid hunting. The date/time format is flexible. We use US English here, so acceptable formats for us include:

7/3/06 08:22

07/03/2006 18:34:24

03-July-2006 06:34 PM

You can use any acceptable date/time format for your version (language) of Windows.

Note: If you omit the date part, this directive will always wait! For example #WAITUNTIL 2, 08:03 will always wait in the second set until the UTC time is 0803 UTC, regardless of the UTC date.

Please Note - If only a time is given, it will always wait until the given time even if the time (on the current date) was just passed.


Using either of these directives will change your billing from Exposure Time to Session Time to ensure that we can still cover the cost to operate the telescopes and keep them online.

When used, The run log will show (example #waitfor 60):

05:08:20 07:08:20 == Wait requested, billing adjusted ==
05:08:20 07:08:20   (pause for 60 sec.)
05:08:20 07:08:20   (turning tracking off)
05:09:21 07:09:21   (wait finished, resuming tracking)


And the usage receipt will show the following:

Please note:
Your previous session included a #wait directive.
We have billed you for your total session time instead of imaging time.
The imaging time shown above is equal to the session time.