STEP 1 - To begin the upgrade process, first log in to our Launchpad with your Username and Password.  Once logged in you should see a screen similar to the image below.  Click the "Update payment details" button that is circled in the image.

If you see the following warnings:


You must click the "Update My Details" link and re-select your country.  The page will redirect back to the page below once complete.

STEP 2 -  Once clicked, you should see the following page:

STEP 3 - Selecting plans on the left side of the screen will show you the rate card below.  You can also adjust the Moon Illumination drop down to see how our Moon Discount works with your selected plan.  Keep in mind that these rates are cost per hour of exposure time on each of the listed telescopes.

STEP 4 - Once you have selected your plan, click Join Plan and  you can choose between Credit Card and Paypal.

STEP 5 - If you select Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard), you will see this screen to enter your information.


STEP 6 - If you select Paypal, you will see this screen and be redirected to Paypal's website once you click continue:

STEP 7 - If your Payment Details are already on file with us, you will see this page, and checking the box and clicking "Purchase" will complete the transaction.  No need to reenter your information!

STEP 8 - Regardless of which method you choose, you will end up with a page similar to this once completed:

Thank you for joining iTelescope.Net!