Follow these instruction to convert to the new billing system:

STEP 1)  To begin you can either click this Transition Link or select "Update payment details"  from the Launchpad. (see below image) 

If prompted, sign in to your iTelescope Account.  If you see the following warnings:


You must click the "Update My Details" link and re-select your country.  The page will redirect back to the conversion page once complete.

STEP 2)  After your country code has been updated you should see the following page:

STEP 3)  From here, Select the check box, confirming that you will be charged $1 USD and granted 1 points to convert (Keep in mind that this transition will turn Plan-90 from $89.95 AUD every 28 days to $89.95 USD every 28 days for 90 points).  

STEP 4)  You must now select if you wish to use Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard) or Paypal for your new billing method - this will change the card we charge for your monthly subscription going forward.  If you Select Credit Card, you will see this screen:

Fill out this information and click submit to continue to number STEP 5).

If you Select Paypal you will see this screen:

Clicking "Continue" on Paypal will redirect you to signing in with your Paypal Account to complete the transition.

STEP 5)  Regardless of which method you choose, once complete you will be redirected to a processing screen (DO NOT CLICK BACK WHILE PROCESSING!)

STEP 6)  Once you see this screen, click the "Back to Launchpad" link at the bottom to return to the Launchpad.