1)  What is Sky Tours?

Sky Tours is a weekly video stream hosted by iTelescope.Net Affiliate and owner of T17, Dr. Christian Sasse.

2)  What will the streams be about?

Dr. Sasse will be giving you a tour of the night sky each week imaging and videoing specific targets using some of our networked robotic, internet connected telescopes - including some systems that are unavailable to the public.

3)  What objects will we see?

Dr. Sasse has picked out a variety of targets including nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, and planets to image.  He will also be talking about the significance of each of these targets during the streams.  You can few a full list of planned targets for Series 1 here.

4)  When can I view Sky Tours?

We have a full planned schedule of Series 1 of Sky Tours available here.  Please keep in mind that like all things with astronomy - weather can and will delay and sometimes outright cancel these planned dates, so they are subject to change.

5)  How do I see the stream?

This depends on if it is a Free Stream or a Paid Stream.  

  1. For a Free Stream, we will send a link out on social media and our Newsletter that you may click for each individual free episode.  This link will be unique to each episode and once clicked it will transport you to our YouTube page.  You can sign up for the iTelescope.Net Newsletter here.
  2. For a Paid Stream, first you must register for an iTelescope Account by clicking here.  Once registered, log in to the Launchpad using the Username and Password you selected during registration.  On the Launchpad, you will see a link at the top of the page that will say, "Sky Tours", "Sky Tour SOON", or "Sky Tours LIVE".  Clicking this link will take you to our Paid Live Stream page - https://go.itelescope.net/Video/SkyTour.aspx.  These paid streams require a active subscription account (SkyTours or above).  Paid Streams will also be announced via our Sky Tours Newsletter (this is a separate newsletter from the iTelescope.Net Newsletter)

6)  How much does it cost?

iTelescope.Net Sky Tours is free to all subscription members (Starter-Trial - Plan-1000), and we have a new subscription plan, SkyTours, which costs $4.95 USD (also available in AUD, GDP, and EUR) every 4 weeks that will grant you access to Sky Tours only.  We will also have some free streams that will allow anyone with a Demonstration Account to view - these will be announced via our Sky Tours newsletter.

7)  What do I get on the SkyTours subscription accounts?

Unlimited access to any and all streams as well as archives of each of those streams, and images taken during the stream will be available to download for SkyTours member.  *NOTE - This subscription plan cannot take images using the telescopes, even if your account has points.

8)  Where do I view iTelescope.Net Sky Tours?

While our first episode can be viewed for free with this link, all other episodes can be viewed with an active subscription plan on our Sky Tours page.

9)  How do I download the images taken during the Sky Tours stream?

Images will be available to download via a link in the video description after a short time.  We must process and upload these images after the stream so the link will usually be available 1-3 hours after the stream has ended.

10)  How do I chat when watching Sky Tours?

In order to use the Chat Feature for all episodes, you must first sign in with a Google Account and have a YouTube Channel attached to that account (YouTube will prompt for both of these things if you click the chat entry section).  This is the same, regardless of if you are watching a free episode on YouTube or a paid episode on iTelescope.Net.

11)  I am on the SkyTours Live Stream, but the picture is really low definition, what can I do?

You can adjust the definition to HD but hovering your mouse over the bottom of the video and looking for the "gear".  Clicking it will allow you to adjust "Quality" to something more appropriate to your internet speed.

12)  What are the future plans for Sky Tours?

If members enjoy this new feature we will eventually expand on it.  Some features we would like to add:

  1. Full Image Series Taken during the stream and available to download by members (for LRGB imaging)
  2. Processing Tutorials for these full image series that will walk you step by step through the entire process of create beautiful images of deep space objects
  3. Interviews (video podcasts) with members of the community and professionals at Siding Spring
  4. Video Tours of our observatories and Siding Spring Observatory
  5. Much More!

13)  If you have any additional questions you think should appear in this FAQ - please submit them to support@itelescope.net