When you take an image with iTelescope, 95% of the time the system will produce a Usage Receipt that will contain your logs and some of your images.

Occasionally however, there are circumstances where this Usage Receipt can fail to be produced or situations where all log files cannot be attached to the Usage Receipt (when using the #chain command for example).

When this happens, you can still gain access to your log files in a few easy steps.

1)  First, log in to the Launchpad.  This will place you on a screen similar to this one:

2)  From here you want to select the telescope you took images on.  The best way to do this is to simply click on the green "Txx" directly on the Launchpad, like the T3 that is circled in this image.  Keep in mind that this can be done at any time - even if a system is Closed (the exception to this being if the system has the status "Offline"):

3)  Once clicked, the system will ask for your username and password once again, and once you have entered it, you will find yourself on the "Welcome" screen for the telescope, as pictured below:

4)  From here, you can locate your logs by clicking on "Run Logs" under the "My Documents" section on the left side of the screen:

5)  Clicking on this will take you to a screen that will show all recent logs you have for that system, listed by date.  These logs can only be "Viewed" or Deleted, but if you click view, you can copy/paste the logs into a text reader software program like notepad or wordpad to view them the same as you would in your Usage Receipts.