Our first suggestion would be to check each of the FAQs listed in the Sky & Telescope's Zenith Club Account Questions Section of our FAQs, but if you are still unable to find help, we have a few other suggestions.

First, the iTelescope.Net main Website contains many links and a lot of information near the bottom of the main page, as well as some important links in the header.  

We also have a Facebook Community Group filled with active iTelescope members that are usually happy to answer question you may have.  It's a great place to speak to the community, share images, learn imaging and processing techniques, and see updates from the iTelescope staff about the telescopes, websites, and any technical problems that may arise.

For any other problems you may come across, or if you have any questions that you did not see answered in the FAQs, we suggest you contact support directly, and we will respond as quickly as possible.