In 2013, we opened our brand new Siding Spring Observatory site adding eight new telescopes to the network and bringing the Southern Skies back to our customers, and since that time, a lot of changes have occurred!

One of these changes is that we have fully updated our Reservation System, which adds a new calendar based interface and includes new features like the Moon Cycles, Roof Open/Close Times, the ability to drag and drop reservations, the ability to update your plan without having to first cancel and remake a reservation, and much more.

This is just the first step of the new system and we will be further upgrading this system over the next few months.  Check the video below to see a Video Tutorial on all the new features!

Recently we Launched Telescope 8, which has been upgraded to a 4k by 4k widefield telescope that brings a new imaging tool to the southern skies.

This new system features a Takahashi FSQ106 EDX mounted on a Paramount ME.  The imaging system is an FLI MicroLine 16803 CCD with a nice compliment of 10 Astrodon 50mm square filters.  This includes LRBG, Ha, SII, and OIII 5nm Narrowband Filters,  Near Infrared (NIR) Luminance, and an ExoPlanet filter.

We are also in the midst of updating all of our software for Focusing System, Software Monitoring Systems and our version of ACP telescope control software.  

These updates are improving system stability dramatically, reducing the length of time the systems need before imaging, and helping to open up more time for members to use the telescopes.

We have also just released our Fair and Acceptable Usage Policy which will further assist in ensuring that all members of the community have an equal chance to use the systems on the network.