We sometimes experience problems with Internet Explorer on our Launchpad and telescope interface.

If you experience trouble like text overlapping, images that overlap or appear "squished" on the web site, then follow these instructions:

1)  Begin by opening internet explorer.  Once open, locate the gear in the top right corner, pictured below.

2)  Click the gear and you will see the following image.  Once you too, Scroll down to Compatibility View settings that is circled in the image below.

3)  Once clicked, this will open a new window (shows below).  On this window you want to enter go.itelescope.net in the section circled on the left, and then click on the "Add" button circled on the right in the image below.

4)  Once Add has been clicked the image will change to show itelescope.net in the compatibility view box (circled in the image below).  Simply click close and this should resolve the issue.