***#WAITFOR is not currently functioning correctly on all systems.  There are currently only 2 viable workarounds for this type of imaging at this time:

The first is to create a No Plan reservation and begin your plans manually during your reservation window.  We have the systems set up to allow up to 10 minutes between plans before they will kick out a reservation.

With this set up you can run multiple plans (or the same plan multiple times) inside a single reservation window, inserting your chosen delay between each plan.

Another solution is setting up one reservation with the #chain function using multiple, single image plans for your target.  This will not give you an exact time delay, but it will always place about 3-7 minutes between images, as #chain forces each plan to have an initial pointing/focusing run.

#chain is normally used to hit multiple targets in the same run, but it works decently well for movement so long as you are comfortable calculating the speed when the time delay isn't always the same.  

More info on #chain can be found in our FAQ.  

We understand that neither of these are ideal and are working toward having a better solution in the near future.


If you absolutely need to place set time lapses between images in your plan you can use the #waitfor directive in your ACP script. Please do not use excessively long waits in your plans. In most cases, this command should never be used. A #WAITFOR is wasted telescope time.

- Pausing for a given number of seconds before exposing the next image.

For example: #WAITFOR 30

All WAIT directives cause the telescope to be inactive and not an efficient use of the community telescopes. The following directives have been disabled in iTelescope Systems.