Our server will keep your image files stored for a minimum of 30 days, typically we store data for up to 120 days, however this depends on our server storage capacity at the time. PLEASE download your image data before the 30 day window as we make no guarantees for it to be kept after this timeframe.

If you try and delete image files within a 10 day period, they will automatically return, expect for zip files you create remotely.

After the 10 day period, you can delete files and folders.
Once you delete your image files outside of the 10 day safety window, your files are permanently deleted.

We can attempt to recover missing images from our long term storage archive for a fee. Please contact support@itelescope.net to make such a request.
Normally these requests can take up to two weeks to process, as we use an external service provider to store legacy data, typical requests can take 4-24 hours.
The fee for service will be quoted on request, depending on how much data we need to recover and time you will need it returned.