We offer cloud delivery of your files to the following service providers:

Google Drive https://drive.google.com comes with your Gmail account. Includes 5 GB of storage.

Direct FTP - You can run your own FTP server and we will automatically upload your image files to it.

Typically you install client software on your computer, which will directly deliver your files in real time to your computer.

This service is free to all members on Plan-290 and above, which includes education accounts. All other accounts will be charged a 100 point once off connection fee, as it is a time consuming process on our end to link your iTelescope.Net account to your cloud storage account. If you need support in setting up your account or remote configuration of your computer we can provided limited IT support at 100 points per hour.

Please send an email to support@itelescope.net to make your request. Please include the following details.

1) Connection required - Google Drive
2) Your registered email address so we can share your files to your account. 

If Direct FTP, please provide us with your IP/Host, username and password.

Connections may take 2-3 working days to complete Australian time.